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'belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the theory of relativity and principles of uncertainty. phenomena that determine the course of our lives. yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. today, it is headed in another. yesterday, i believed i would never have done what i did today. these forces that often remake time and space, they can shape and alter who we imagine ourself to be, begin long before we are born, and continue after we perish. our lives and our choices, like quantum trajectories, are understood moment to moment. at each point of intersection, each encounter, suggest a new potential direction.'

'to be is to be perceived. and so to know thyself is only possible through the other. the nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on appreciating themselves through out all time.'

'i believe death is only a door. when it closes, another opens. if i cared to imagine heaven, i would imagine a door opening. and behind it i would find h(er) there, waiting.'

'whats a peppadew? peppa thangs.'


released November 3, 2015

for eli
for everything



all rights reserved


Drug Lexington, Kentucky

drug, because its illegal, feels good, and might ruin your life. just like me. enjoy yourself.


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: quantum entanglement
quantum entanglement states that,
upon creation,
two or more particles may be
inextricably tied to each other,
whereby information or experiences
are shared instantaneously.

all things being comprised of particles
by definition
and by repetition, all things comprise all of us.
thus i find myself inextricably
entangled with others
upon creation, as if my soul shudders
vibrationally in tune with twin sisters and brothers
like atoms in heat
given degrees by love

love is objective, physical, transcendental and absolute
it is the compass of intuition
that tunes us in to the truth within and without
like a magnet drawn to our counterpart
inextricably tied, entangled,
love is a part of our truth
we just see it with different eyes

because of this aspect of love
we understand it as our only extra-dimensional connection
our single thread, the arm and hand to our fingertip souls
it swirls like myst through the fabric of reality, inside black holes
in dark matter and they fraying stitches of the seams of space time
a river of continuity for the universe binding our body to soul
joining the experience of one with the other
within and without

if gravity can bend spacetime
and make father and child the same age
what can it do to love
and what can love do to it?
if motion can send me around the world
one thousand times in less than a second
while hundreds of years pass for the stationary
what can it do to love
and what can love do to it?
and in light of all of this,
when you say i love you,
do you know what the fuck you mean?

i have seen my consciousness cross
the genetic line of our evolutionary ancestry
i have seen the common thread of all of life,
felt myself warped through it,
learned the body of another species,
and looked into the naked space
from an icy prison billions of years in the future

i have been drawn and quartered
at the center of a lifesize, timesized, spacesized
sand mosaic - strung up at it's center
while the years before me watched
as my separation necessitated the separation of all things

i have seen the world end
and i have met the man behind the curtain

i have looked into another's eyes and felt her history
the history of every action that made her
and felt my soul, my spirit, swell from within my heart
reach forward toward her breast
and clasp fingers with hers like a protective ribcage
around our shared whole-
entangled since before we returned to physical bodies
in the space between lives

i have felt this many times
and i have felt the fear of the feeling
without knowing,
and i have seen my love, my twin,
my beating heart flee from me
as a logical response to my existence

these things are glimpses of our true nature -
that stretch and twist our neural landscape
and leave pressure cracks across our worldview
it's a matinee viewing -
it's walking in on the bride before the wedding
the beauty and the curse
of the human mind experiencing the god within

i have seized and hallucinated and nearly died
and i have risen out of my body, my place, my time
and the universe has taught me my true nature
across the edge of a frontier so daring,
so incredibly foreign that even my pure, unshackled imagination
had to escape it.

these are things i can not prove
but that i know like i know how to breathe
they are objectively, emperically true
i don't know why they happened to me
but i know that there is a thread
running through every shred of experience
laced with a message - a key
to unlock what it means to be human
and what it means to know god
in some negative space relief
like a map of instructions for a block of granite
a hammer and chisel -
i just need to get the picture
because the lie is in the details

the lie is in the assumption that all this made up bullshit
is more real than what's real, and there's so much of it
that nobody has any room to wonder about the truth -
that extrasensory experience is far more vast than sensory
that reality is not readily available or easy for us -
so therefore our presumptious demeanor and determination
to push ahead with our own agenda is akin to
playing sorry on a shoots and ladders board
in that nobody wins, its not any fun, and eventually it falls apart

we are who crossed the plains of africa under an ancient sun
that leathered our hands and the skin on our drums
that gave rhythm to tales of the daughters and suns
of 26,500 years ago - of pyramids and the equinox
of east and west that meet and rest over our first handshake
our first kiss

we are who left footsteps across the moon
who split the atom, who conquered nature
who dominated the planet for as long as we've been here
with bones, then spears, then swords, then bullets, then bombs
who creates life and destroys it
and then turns both into a business

we eat at mcdonalds, we speak via text,
we fuck plastic dolls and paint over our faces
we buy shit at walmart, we're glued to our screens
we're on all kinds of pills for our jobs for our things
for our cancerous heart filled with all the wrong stuff
for so long that its killing itself

but when you shut the world out and you quiet your mind
all internal and external stimuli recede
and your soul resumes its rightful throne
and your life resumes its true nature
all over this planet i can feel the lives of my soulmates
i can feel their joy and their pain,
and the heat of the piece of our whole that they each possess
vibrating in tune with my own as
life washes through them
and turns that shard to a diamond
the ebb and flow of our alignment
fluctuates, but just so
its past religion, future science
but more than that, it's me - fractured and separated
in war with a manufactured substitute system of control
i wont cling, or need, or hold these pieces
but my soul reaches for them, screams alone
for us to meet and see our own within the other

please come home
please come home
please come home
please come home
Track Name: stories
have you ever listened to the story we tell
how we're victims and life is sort of like hell
might as well not try, we try and we fail
we hide inside these boxes, and lie to ourselves
we lie about our problems so we don't have to fix em
somebody call a doctor cause I need a prescription
somebody call a therapist, I want him to listen
to how I called this dude a terrorist because he was different
we can't afford the price when we keep trying to sell it short
you tell a story long enough you might have to settle for it
metaphors are powerful, Words are incredible
say what you mean it but then you better be ready for it
no need for the wishes we always follow with doubts
if you spit it out of your mouth, then just live it out
the problem isn't conviction, it's what it's about
it's the position our vision isn't when it's on the ground
wear your chin like a crown

in your mind

say that - you're gonna die, you're killed
say that - you're gonna try you fail,
say that - I know that life's a steal
say that, stand back, I'm gonna fly, for real
say that I'm a live a life they write in books, I will
say that I'm a living christ, I'm a crook, its real
like my identity inside defines the look, the feel
that's why I'm grinning when I write - because I stood, I kneel
to every word about this story cause the shits amazing
somebody write it for me, cause it's getting crazy
the love I have surpasses any wish I've made, she
made me understand the past as its a gift, it made me
and I don't give a fuck about negative outcomes that's
busy work, but whats here will never be out done....
the worry and the doubts what made it all go black...
now I've forgotten why I got so mad...
shit is not so bad

in your mind
Track Name: home
i feel like we should talk less
i feel i'm a hot mess
this thing with you does not rest
this thing thats caught in our chest
this pain this pleasure harnessed
insane like i could not guess
it feels like its a process
i feel like you're a goddess
the way you say you made it
makes me feel okay with all this
like things id never changed before
id change if i was honest
with broken homes it feels like youre
alone despite them calling
but now i know you know
i know we're home right now
i promise

the bright sun and blue water
we fight less and love harder
you tell me that i'm the one
i tell you its just for fun
we walk the beach at midnight
watch the stars and clear skies
we both say i love you
but its alright

long days
late nights
so far
so fine
i swear
you're right
cool out

well i dont believe it
i know we're speaking
we're overreaching
and so completely
like, no with people
they don't release it
that hope that we can
find home, the reason
i wont excede where
this goes is we can
fly, so just keep your
eyes closed, your fingers
lie close to me and
mine don't, just breathe
the right notes, while she
and i grow, i see the
signs, chosen people
fly home in eaches
eyes, a peaceful night
flow, uneven tides,
what me and mine know
is we are tied...
i see your light glow
when we collide
i feel like i know
i need you right
i feel like you know
it, please can i
please can i hold you
please can i
mean what i told you
she replies...

the bright sun and blue water
we fight less and love harder
you tell me that i'm the one
i tell you its just for fun
we walk the beach at midnight
watch the stars and clear skies
we both say i love you
but its alright

long days
late nights
so far
so fine
i swear
you're right
cool out

its this connection
this connection got me spun
like which direction now
is possible to step in
except the one with your reflection
that purity, and your perfect teeth
and i'm sure of things that i'd question
it doesn't worry me for a second
its like
well its like ive known you all my life
before it and more than that
cause you're right
the rest is so foreign now
when you try to translate it
for me, but you don't even
have to say it
cause i know it in my veins
but i would still listen here for days
to hear you speak poetry and pain
insane, cause i know that we're the same
and i know it like my name
what hope could ever claim
that we can find home at all this way
and its only the beginning
come days of service
days of spinning earth and worship
days admitting that i am
home with you

i'm not crazy
Track Name: i know why
I can't help this crooked smile that escapes me
with you there in the rain on the pavement -
arms outstretched like picture-perfect mankind,
exhaling atmosphere in a sigh whispered, "thank you."
Splash notes across palms lifted up - hands high;
a watching hundred eyes want to hide, want to stand by -
want to understand why you ran out into the rain but
I know why...

she is a fitting image for the rhythm of the rain drops.
Watching her existence ties my insides to the same knot-
everything forgetting everything to give a spot light
to the girl who saw the world and smiled, said "its alright."
Said its mine to make - mine to change and mine to keep.
Open handed-palms forward-catching bullets-out reached :
a light touch for a world of blunt force trauma-
silence fills the noise, stills the void, a shadow of peace
across my vision as I watch from across an ocean,
where i'm sitting here. I feel her heart beat
race with goosebumps raised, hair standing on ends up-
energy colliding with the space beside her rinsed cuts
stitching patterns on her skin, knees and elbows - feet and hands,
together, with her mind and spirit call back to this demand
from life that somebody become a proper man, a proper answer
to this gift that we were given from the sand, and she's a cancer.
She came here to teach and try to save us from our sins. I'm cheering -
blocking the view reflected off the moon for those thats near her;
those who wonder how a woman finds herself so free -
I know how, because she's me.

I know how because I crawled out of the mud the same that she did.
I know how because I've fallen into dust over my weaknesses.
I know how because she was the ladder rungs I needed and
I know how because we were climbing up each others features. Its
something the earth deserves in words and actions, pardon,
but I'm certain of it - worth is what is worth it, not your hardened
separated view of all life.
Its when I asked her for her hand and future plans, and she said, "Alright."
We discovered something huge, something true, something new,
something better, some connection, some exception to the rule
some kind of blessing, kind of power, high as towers reach
for me. Its not a matter of the crowds or passing hours, she
is beautiful because she left her shelter for the rain,
and I know her name.
Track Name: when you think of me
for the light
for the truth
for the pain
for the moon
for the life
for the love
for the rain
for the moon
for your eyes
for your heart
for your hands
for your pride
for your thighs
for your lust
for your lips
for the moon

what amazing pain… what amazing pain…
i can feel it pierce the static, like a drop of rain
icing deep within a crack of granite - hardened change
i can feel it shatter all expanding - heart and brain
counting days and different ways to places on the way
where she's holding half a soul for me so patiently
acting out and asking loud if we should have to wait
silent sounds thats underground that say she'll wait for me
its difficult to say enough, explain that what
i'm feeling ain't for words, what she deserves is something dangerous
the physical - to touch her, make her blush
to peal her out her clothes, to make it hurt under the flame and rush
and i can tell her… how i want her from behind,
i want my tongue between her thighs, how i will brace and fuck
her crazy, how i'd say her name and smile when she say she came
but miles keep that all away, and words just never make the cut

so when you think of me
so when you clench your teeth
when you arch your back
when you need release
with your legs apart
and your hands between
a made a song
for when you think of me
when you feel alone
when im out of reach
when you need your home
when you're doubting me
when you need to hope
when we're out of key
i made this song
for when you think of me

i'm feeling strong an able, not abrasive but i'll save you
after i have dominated all this distance just to thank you
i feel it all at once, i'm caught across a new sensation
all the pain and all the love in all of this and all that made you
all my accomplishments will pale in the comparison
with what your life demands of me and what i'll do to wear you in
my future - what my hands can make -
to move and understand and break
the boundaries and past mistakes
to see you laying bare and grin
to not be there's a sin
to not be where you are
i think about you when
i watch the moon compare the stars
i feel the ground shift
when i talk to you, and bare my heart
so often that i'm out of shit
to offer you, i swear its hard
but at least we know
at least we found this home that we were seeking
in eachother…mean, at least, there's hope
i can see us growing tougher
as the seasons flow
this is proper mate and proper lover
what you need to know is…
when you think of me...
Track Name: for the record
I ain't really got a lot to say
that will make it up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record

i ain't really got a lot to say
that i'm making up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record

i bet you wanna drop it
i bet there ain't a thing in
the entire universe that i
could say to try to stop it
it ain't like i am optimistic
about it - i'm not it's
its just the only thing
i've ever got that i can offer
when you don't want to talk and
its all so far away from me
and i ain't gonna knock it but
i just wanna explain something
i would never try to justify
causing you pain - what i'm
talking bout is why i wanna die
so if it came suddenly
you know the truth
thats why its for the record
its spoken to the universe
cause you taught me the methods
what matters is i said it
even if its not what you'd rather
its so in the next life - maybe i can do better
but i'm - i'm not gone make a promise
except i promise that i'm not gone suicide
and i am not gone be dishonest bout the
fact i want a coffin pretty often lately
i've been going crazy, so excuse me
when i'm talking, but i'm talking cause i

i ain't really got a lot to say
that will make it up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record

i ain't really got a lot to say
that i'm making up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record

the shit was going well
i caught a piece of heaven
then circled back to hell
as if i couldn't learn a lesson
i feel like my humanity is
draining from the pressure
i feel like adolf hitler and obama
put together
and i could say i'm different now
but why would you believe in me
every friend i've ever had's a
step away from leaving me
i'm good with stringing words together
does it mean any
thing, when i can't back it up - you're better
off to keep running -
its running off
you know just give it time
eventually you'll realize
that i ain't worth a dime
there's nothing in the sky
or corners of the earth
to color me the way
the person you deserve
would be disguised
i say its your decision
even though i know i made it
now i vomit up these sentences
and wonder why i say it -
i say it for the record
so somewhere down the road
i can know, that you know
all of this shit that i can't show
here it goes -

i ain't really got a lot to say
that will make it up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record

i ain't really got a lot to say
that i'm making up
you know, i gotta anyway
for the record
i say it for the record
Track Name: everything (out of tune)
am i out to sea?
it's all gotten so complicated
like am i really out for me?
have i lost my patience?
every time i say shit
it don't really sound complete
but then i open my mouth to speak
just to tell you my doubt, my weakness,
and i pound your face in it,
i just wanna make this, make this sound so sweet
so loud, when i pound my feet
but i scream cause you're out of reach -
or i'm out of my place and its
i don't wanna wait -
i don't wanna lose -
i dont wanna let you down, or let you doubt
or let you be yourself for now…
i dont wanna stay
i dont wanna move
i don't wanna know what to do
and then i say that what i want is you
its all gotten so contradicting
like i dont wanna talk or listen
cause im afraid
and its been this way for days and days
everything i thought was missing
well its right as rain
so what can i say

im out of tune…

everything feels so real
everything breaks my heart
everything seems to steal
but everything here so hard
everything feels like fuck…
everything plays its part
everything leaves its mark
everything seems to kill
but everything feels so large
everything comes so far
everything seals the deal
everything makes me starve
everything makes me heal
everything makes a scar
but everything saves me too
everything saves me too
everything saves me too
everything saves me too
everything saves me too...
Track Name: catch & release
i know you hold your heart gingerly
i know the tendency to run
when it insists on beating
love become the enemy
when love does what it does
which pulls at us to find our
inner demons
trust a victim of them
rushing out to kill a dream when
they see their time has come
one last attempt at getting me
to wanna bite a gun
one last attempt to make you think
that nothing nice can come
from a heartbeat so large we
can hardly pretend we're in charge
we can hardly explain the feeling
it needs to change
i need to reign it in
or maybe kill it
cause lets be realistic
aiming for the stars is great
but every time i take shot
i always scrape the ceiling
i know the feeling
but i know i can't escape the truth
and who you are to me
i'm sorry but you can't excuse it
i hate to do it, but the farther down
we take it proof is
so hard to fight it
but in light of it
i'm making moves and
making music

cause the fact is, love is action
its impact is impossible to track
or reach when its more of just a crash
into something you dont ask for
and you know you wanna laugh
i wanna fast foward
not gonna ask for anything, i'm glad for
what i know i have this, passion
exacting, true to what is lasting
burning up the bad and its
hard for me to bask in it
but i know the fact is

if only i can see you
growing with this lonely light
and hope that life could need you
knowing i could keep you
in my focus or my rearview
knowing that i dont decide
i wont decide to leave you
when i can only i can reach you
knowing that my fingers wanna
close around and cling to
every hope that i can keep you
knowing that i need you
i wont decide to squeeze
or choke the breath that needs
to breath, so i can breath
so i release you

i am become the man that i deserve to be
fuck what you heard
i'm pretty sure you've never heard of me
im pretty sure i wasnt sure until i heard you speak
about the hurt and how you're nervous
now its certainly
something with destiny and service
and those perfect teeth
to kill the rest of me is murder
in the third degree
but i've invested every word in
what the words can mean
and i stress them in the verb
of living worthily
this is easy
like its natural
like believe me, or don't
because its practical
to think you see an act
it doesnt matter what you bring to me
i'm here to grapple with and grow
and see you be complete
why do we think we need to
know it all before its fine?
we're on a road that pushes forward
as it goes in time
we think we chose it
but we're born to it
we dont decide
i'll hold your hand
or let it go
but still i know its mine
i know the signs….

if only i can see you
growing with this lonely light
and hope that life could need you
knowing i could keep you
in my focus or my rearview
knowing that i dont decide
i wont decide to leave you
when i can only i can reach you
knowing that my fingers wanna
close around and cling to
every hope that i can keep you
knowing that i need you
i wont decide to squeeze
or choke the breath that needs
to breath, so i can breath
so i release you

this is catch and release
Track Name: on your merry way / dear moon
i was stuck in the ground
trying to cover my eyes
trying to move all this light
spent all night trying
to remember your face
like trying to get
blood from a stone
there's nothing to say
and no one lie to

i can't justify my existence
my way of living
as if the weight of my insistence is significant
as if the things that i could say
could make a difference
my changes can't change your vision
i can't escape this prison i've been given
or given to myself to live in
but a prisons what it isnt
its a wave in a vast ocean
thats the same but individual as it came
across the surface of the earth
in my position
submits decisions of my design
but through the eyes of this precision
that lives inside a mental picture
and i can see you
but i can see through this
and i can see i don't need
to use excuses to do this
my life's a kind of music
and the mistakes are how it makes
it something great
the way it grates across your nerves
and makes me nervous and insane
but i deserve this
i deserve what i create
if i was perfect, who relates?
i earn my name
my royalty and kingship
divine masculine and feminine
intertwined, cause what i think is
in searching for some kind of meaning
i have found a kind of ground where i
can sound out what you're singing
with your doubt and fear you sink in
i'm proud to see the links in the chain
if no one else can see them
cause i tell them reach in
and find your fingers clasped
to hands that you belong to
my life is a love song
because i want you
on your merry way

i watch as the bomb dust hung in the sky
like a dim flock of endless prayers
spend my days out chasing the wind
trying to turn gold from your hair
there's nothing to say
the flux and decay

everyone is famous
everyone is capable of changing
everything to feel okay which is
true to why we came,
which is why i never try to close my eyes
i'd rather face it
i'll be the one to claim this
and call it by its name with
the certainty of language
i respect your measured pleasure
and the depths of your pain
its impressive in its range
and lets me know my own strangeness
is really just a silly little feeling
we're all engaged with
i'll never let you not remember
how you set it straight
with every breath, with every breath
i'll be consistent in my own way
to let you know i know things
precisely when you dont, wait...
i dont want to finish
i dont want to end this
but then again its not like i had tried
from the beginning to control this
kind of friendship
happy to in this
happy nonetheless
its all okay
its all okay
with all the hope that brings the day
the moment you walk away i'll say
with a confidence you made
and now it stays
be on your merry way
be on your merry way
cause you're great

dear moon
i have let you down
i have forgotten your light
when you're not around
i have forgotten why i loved you so
but tonight i look up at the sky
and i know why

you remind me of the beauty in a lonely heart
who finds its kindness and collects its parts
you remind of the purity of a light summer rainfall
that washes us clean from our shame when its painful
you remind that i'm human and that i'm proud to be
that i am like you makes my doubts seem weak
i think i found my home because i saw it in you
i saw the way the earth seems to know you too
i can't tell you how badly i want to hold you soon
but i know whats best, and sadly you should go - we're through
you have shown me who i could be and also who i am
and while those arent the same i need you here but i can't
i can't allow myself to cause you anymore pain
cause i know your name

and i know my life has changed
you have given me the proof that i could be what i believed
and i can't tell you how i needed it, but i dont need to be
the person who causes this hurt for you cause that hurts me
i'd rather love you where you are … wherever you're free
and when i can't see you i just know the moon is new
new beginnings, possibilities, and hopes and truths
i pray you find so many that you can't remember how this happened
how it turned on us… how endless ended
and if i cross your mind i hope its just my smile
watching you across an ocean happy like a child
i am lost without you know but i can find my feet
on the strength of your existence i will fly to bring
the greatest news i've ever heard that
love is real
love is real
love is real

love exists inside a woman who i kissed beneath a tree
with our initials added up just like our hands and feet
i took a picture of her holding up the sun
dear moon, run away to the horizon
fly - i'll tell everyone i see about you
i will sing and write
i'm afraid that's all i can do for you
but that's okay
i know you now,
and that wont ever change.
Track Name: special relativity / a better man
quantum entanglement states that upon creation
two or more particles may be inextricably tied
and in the same way, when we open our eyes
we often find ourselves in the bodies of others
we see the ripple effects of our feelings
we see the convergence and reconnection
of a vast uniform law of nature
rediscovering itself in twin sisters and brothers
igniting across distance like atoms in heat
given degrees by love

each of us contains all of us
but some contain more
and one contains a secret door
through which you might discover
the world you knew before you were born

its beautiful
but what are we supposed to do with it?

i mean, we're all trapped within limitations
and insecurities and fears that shape our perspectives
we thrash around in our doubts and our lives
crash around us as we break our support systems
and innocent casualties abound in our wake
in one moment we're great
then come the mistakes
and then comes the panic and clinging and crying
and trying to protect our insides and we're dying
and even when you quiet your mind
and your internal and external stimuli recede
and your soul resumes its rightful throne
and your life resumes its true nature
even then you are not your own
but are on your own

and the voice that guides you forward
that loves you and wants to hold you
and take away all the pain
insists that you allow for more -
more fear, more heartache, more regret
because there is only one direction in this life
there is only way of seeing it
of feeling and tasting and touching it
our great peace, our great enlightenment
has come before and will come again
and its permanence is a fact of life
in the meantime we're here to live

so be messy, be sloppy, overstep, run and hide
scream in anger, laugh in ecstasy, say too much
love and lose and love again
and lose again
love your sins, love your growth and every wound
love your lies as much as truth
we discovered something huge together a little early
and embraced it and collided and allowed it to get dirty
and get bloody and get broken because this can take it
because this, at least, is what we make it

you're never wrong
the more you feel the more you trust it the more its getting strong
we are infinite GOD, unlimited time, uniform consciousness
subliminal mind, immutable spirit, omnipotent grace
and we left all of that to come here to this place
God is love, and love is what we do
but here there's so much to experience too
when it hurts you get stronger
when its good you relax
so it's all good and good for you

don't panic

am i anything like what you see when you look
are you more than a figment of my imagination
splintered from expectations and memories
and dreams and assigned to an abberation of sight and sound
are our feelings just chemicals?
are our thoughts more than synapse
electrial pulse and organic mishap?
are the words that appear in front of me
an accident of biology to be subdued and explained
stuffed in a box we call realism?
am i crazy?

we are who scaled mountains and braved cliffs
who risked our understanding of everything to face eachother.
who defied the constraints of distance and time
and logic and reason and finance and physics
and transgressions and trespasses of the past
and the uncertainty and murky grey of the future
we are who crossed oceans and faced fears
a voice said 'come home'
and we showed up here

we are who said dreams are for the waking hours
who said realism is for the coward
who said wishes are for the timid
who said hoping is not the same as knowing
and when we took each others hand
two universes collided in a third
in an explosion of light and sound
and energy, and spirit,
that sent ripples throughout the cosmos
laced with a message
a key to unlock what it means to be human
and what it means to know God
i just missed the picture
because the truth is all around us

time is a dimension and we live in the middle
and special relativity states
that simultaneous events may not appear
to occur simultaneously
each of us represents a fingertip
of one great consciousness
forever falling in love with itself
as we recognize ourselves in the other

without the absense of love, love cannot thrive
without the absense of hope, we'd never have to decide to survive
i see you, and i see you fall to pieces and reassamble
and build up the courage to walk again, and then fall again
i recognize it in you because i've seen it before
i've thought i was caught and then smashed on the floor
then i've turned in resentment and burned every bridge
just to rebuild them and cross them again
its easy to wonder and ask ourselves why
we allow all this pain to remain in our lives
time dilates and distorts
and stretches with gravity
and contracts in our hearts
time does a lot of things
but uniformly and without exception
time heals

time is medicine for the heartache we feel
as it flows over our souls like stones in a river
we collide and occasionally decide for ourselves
we make heaven out of hell

and when i shut the world out and i quiet my mind
i see blue eyes and perfect teeth
and i feel the warmth in a slight curviture in a spine
i feel the comfort of communion and connection of mine
i feel multiplied passion and loving embrace
and my fears and my doubts and mistrust dissipate
and later i lose it and still feel alone
but somewhere i know
i've always been home

when i think about you how i feel
when i think about your grace
i become a better man in a better place

there's a place thats like an island
where the sunshines in your face
i will be a better man in a better place

if i find you with me how i'll feel
when our beating hearts remain
you will find a better man in a better place